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Danger, Danger!!!!

A Dangerous Misconception about getting stronger.  Moving a resistance in a controlled fashion throughout the entire range of motion (in good form, of course)  is not only safer, it’s more effective at building muscle and strength when taken to a point of muscular fatigue.  Faster does not equal stronger…it usually equals injury!

Helping Others

I get a tremendous amount of support from my clients when it comes to helping others.  We just got done running a clothes drive that was way above anything I could have expected and now we are onto our annual FOOD DRIVE to help those who may be less fortunate this coming Thanksgiving holiday.

Try and find a local FOOD BANK in your area and see what you can do yo help out.  I guess my quote for fitness is applicable here as well….” a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

Fred Fornicola


Great Reading Material

Check out some of the publications I have available via e-book as well as paperback.

“High Performance Training Newsletter”

“Strength and Fitness for a Lifetime: How We Train Now”

“Enhancing Fitness Through Flexibility”

“Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness”

“Youth Fitness: AnAction Plan for Shaping America’s Kids”

Taking a Peek Into Premiere Personal Fitness

A quick glimpse of what equipment is offered at PREMIERE PERSONAL FITNESS  and here’s a STUDIO TOUR

Chin Bar
Concept2 DYNO
Concept2 Rower
Concept2 SkiErg
Cybex 4-Way Neck
Dumbbells 5-60
Gravitron Chin/Dip Assist
Hammer Strength Deadlift/Lunge/Shrug
Hammer Strength Dip
Hammer Strength Iso Pulldown
Hammer Strength Iso Row
Inversion Table
Lifting Stones
Marpo Kinetics Viper LT Rope Climber
Maximus Pulldown
Nautilus 2ST Bicep Curl
Nautilus 2ST Tricep Extension
Nautilus Abdominal Crunch
Nautilus Abduction
Nautilus Adduction
Nautilus Leverage Leg Press
Nautilus Low Back Extension
Nautilus XP Lying Leg Curl
Pendulum Multi-Station
Pendulum Shoulder Press
Resistance Bands
Schwinn Windsprint
Sissy Squat Machine
Stairmaster FreeClimber 4400PT


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