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Randy Roach – Installment #3

A must read is Randy Roach’s Third Installment  on nutrition, Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors II, how he changed out of that dumb-ass Arnold tank top and much, much more.

Randy Roach Interview – Part 2

Randy continues his facinating journey through his experiences in bodybuilding and in particular, his nutritional experimentation over the years.  From vegetarionism to he finding the Weston A.Price Foundation.

And of course, Randy discusses bodybuilding history a bit deeper in PART II.


Randy Roach


Randy Roach Interview

One of the top published, if not THE top published historian on bodybuilding (and my pal) Randy Roach has written his second epic novel with his latest release of “Muscle, Smoke & Mirros II”.   To get the full “Roachdude” effect, check out this interview to really appreciate his endless knowledge of health and the history of bodybuilding.


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